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Saddles III

Ramsfield Swell Fork


Hog Heaven Swell Fork Tree, Drum Brown Leather (actually more like a Hershey's Milk Chocolate color), Floral Carved with Bitterroots and Wild Roses, Walnut Stirrups, Elephant Padded Seat, Rawhide Trim, and Domed and Antiqued Conchos from SilverKing.

"I couldn't be happier with the saddle,"  says owner K. J.

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Ryan's Ride


Half Rough-out Wade Saddle with Geometric Stamping and Guadalajara Horn









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Luke's Rig

Drum Brown Roughout Wade Saddle with Guadalajara Horn










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Diamond V Wade

Rough-out Seat and Fenders with Floral-Carving and Rawhide Horn and Cantle Rim











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Circle Heart Wade

Daisy-Mae Stamped Wade with Padded Seat and Rawhide







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Primrose Wade with Elephant Seat











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Cynthia's Desert Rig










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Joshua Tree Three B Saddle














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