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Niarada, Montana
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Charlo Slick Fork

Poppy Medley on Drum Dyed Brown Leather with Antiqued Double Domed Limited Edition Sterling Conchos

Three-B Visalia Tree, Slotted Seat, Exposed Stirrup leathers, Rawhide Hobble Ring, Half-Covered Monel Stirups, Idaho Mule Wrap









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Butch Cassidy Saddle

Antique Lilly Jockeys and Fender Corners, set off by Ring and Star Geometric Stamping, reminiscent of saddles at the turn of the century.  Rawhide Horn Rim, Gullet Rim, and Cantle Binding; Cantle Binding Scalloped on back and finished with silver eschuteon pins. (see below)  Custom Silver Conchos, Matching Breast Collar, and Fancy Jeremiah Watt Hardware, 3" Monel Stirrups, $7850


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Full floral carving, Vintage Lily Pattern, Sterling Conchos, Scalloped Fenders, Jockeys and matching Saddlebags and Breast Collar

Butch Cassidy  tree, 15" seat, 4" oval cantle, 8 1/2" swell, Dally horn, Buck Rolls, and Monel Stirrups   $7575

Matching Breast Collar $350

Matching Saddle Bags $550



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Blue Mountain Half-Breed II

Made for Marianne Y., Ukiah, Oregon.

Serpentine Border Stamping and Basket Stamping offsets the roughout seat and fenders on this 15" Wade saddle with 3" x 3" wood post horn, cross-over rope strap, Stainless Hardware,7/8 plate rigging, 4" oval cantle, matching Tapaderos, Bucking Rolls, and Hobble Carrier, $5545

Detail of Hobble Carrier, Stainless Hardware, and Tooling




Ramsfield Swell Fork Saddle

Hog Heaven Swell Fork Tree, Drum Brown Leather (actually more like a Hershey's Milk Chocolate color), Floral Carved with Bitterroots and Wild Roses, Walnut Stirrups, Elephant Padded Seat, Rawhide Trim, and Domed and Antiqued Conchos from SilverKing.









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Jordan's Crazy Leg Wade

3/4 Coverage Crazy Leg Stamped Wade 

16"  seat, exposed stirrup leathers,

7/8 plate rigging,

4" cantle, 2 3/4" rawhide cheyenne roll,      3 1/2" high wood post horn with rawhide rim and mule wrap, cross-over rope strap, rawhide gullet roll, bucking rolls, matching breast collar, monel stirrups, $5750   

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Rocking T R

Lighter weight 15" Wade with Serpentine border stamp on the skirts, fenders, flank billets, and seat jockeys.

Gentian floral carving on fork, seat, rigging, breast collar, and front and rear jockeys.

3" x 3 1/4" wood post horn, Mulehide wrapped, American Bison Buck Rolls, Custom Sterling Horn Cap, 4 1/2" cantle, Hobble carrier, Nettles Oak stirrups, 7/8 plate rigging, Drum Brown Leather, weight approximately 35 pounds. $7650


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Joanne's Rig

Geometric stamping and hand carved Shooting Stars decorate this 15" Lady LieuEllen Saddle.  Sterling berry conchos and rivets match the hardware, rigging, and half-covered  2" Monel stirrups.. 13/16 Flat plate rigging, 3 1/2" cantle, 12 1/2" swell.





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Reiter's Ride

Lightweight Wade saddle in Drum Brown leather with Elephant Ear Padded Seat and Bucking Rolls.  Roughout seat, Serpentine border stamp, Rawhide Gullet and Cantle Rim scalloped and brass pinned, half-covered brass stirrups match the brass berry conchos and hardware.


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Approximately fifty flowers with silver centers adorn this 16" Will James saddle with Spade, or Guadalajara, Wood Post Horn.  Fork width is 12 1/2", just enough for colts, but still slim and curvy. Exposed stirrup leathers and tapaderos keep a classic look with the roughout seat and fenders. Rawhide bound horn rim, gullet, and cantle binding. Engraved sterling conchos and stirrup bolts.  $8995

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Bonnie's Strawberry Special

3-B Visalia Tree with Old Time look,    Strawberry Floral Design, Cantle Pocket, Brass Bound Stirrups, and In-skirt Double Position Rigging, High Fork Clearance For High Withered Horses, Weight 26 Pounds 






Click on photo for detail of braiding and floral carving with strawberries












Toni's Primrose Roper


Chesnut leather,  Shepherd Roper tree with Primrose Border carving and Latigo horn wrap, padded  three-quarter calfskin seat, $6900



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Blackfoot Swell Fork

Made for Tyler B. with an emphasis to classical swell fork style.

15" Fork, Square Skirts with Crazy Leg Border, and Floral Carved Jockeys and Cantle Back, Chesnut Leather, Offset Welts on the Fork, $6450



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