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  Saddles III              

  Chaps III              

    Gun Leather III

Gear III      

Pendleton Chap Class                    


Chaps III

Buffalo Chinks with Shooting Stars Floral Carving and Bullfrog Accents and Double Fringe

















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 Long Bison Armitas with Carved Top and Cuffs























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Dark Brown Bison Armitas with Border Stamped Yokes and Belt


  Jesse's Armitas 






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  Wild Ride Bull Riding Chaps

Hair-On Cowhide, Alligator Print Leather, Metallic Tangerine Fringe, $650 








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Bison Bat Wings

5 snap Bat wings with Lily Floral carving and lots of spots on pull-up bison leather.












Detailed and scenic photos from Ken Smith









C J's Rodeo Chaps





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Zarzyski's Woolies

Phone message from Paul Zarzyski, Cowboy Poet Rock'n'Rowel Star: "Jeff, Paul Zarzyski.  Just absolutely love the chaps.  Beyond my wildest imagination.  I forgot how terrific the fleece was; what magnificent colors.  Love the the basket stamp and how you antiqued it to make it look old-timey on the straps and what you did to really bring out the tooling.  Just really fun, really made us laugh.  I'll have to find a way to use them on stage to do "Boastful Bill" or something sometime.  Beautiful workmanship. I love how you did the lining.  I had no idea how much went into a pair.  Glad we did this. You own my poetry and I own your art.  Adios"

  Cavollo Chinks

Mini Stacked Shell Stamped Roping Yokes and Twisted Fringe















Jessica's Elk Chinks with blue bull frog stars, $470. Husband Jerry supplied the elk.

Garret's batwings with black cherry brush-off fringe (brush-off starts out black on top and wears down to bright red over time), $350

Sam's purple calf-eaters with gray fringe, $350

Lori's Star Chinks, Shooting Star carved yokes, Stainless Steel Star Spots, Oil-tan leather,  $590

Bison Hide Rope Chinks, good and heavy, but supple, leather, nice grain, $300

Also available in  Chestnut and Light Tan Color