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The holsters and gunbelts below are based on late 1800's patterns (except the Parson), time tested under tough conditions. They can be made in three degrees of carry: Horse-safe; revolver carries very snugly and automatically comes with a hammer loop, for safety a-horseback and on foot to minimize the chance of brush, reins, and ropes dislodging the gun; Medium Carry; not as snug, good for draw and security, gun rides a little higher in the cup; Quick Draw, can be made quick out of a traditional style or, for more speed, can be made like the Parson (below) with lower cup and less retention, specify your preference.  Holsters can be made for any length and style of gun, and they can be made left-handed or cavalry draw, as well. 

Holsters can also be made as replicas of famous makers or styles. Toe Plugs, available for $20, add a nice period touch. Silver and brass conchos or spots are also available. Add $15 for leather-lined holsters, $40 for lined belts. Slim Jim holsters were typically made for cap and ball revolvers, conversions, and were also used with cartridge revolvers. Loop pattern holsters became popular as cartridge revolvers became more commonly used. Holsters can be made for any length and style of gun. Loop holsters with a bulge between the loops, to keep the holster down when drawing a pistol, are a type made popular by the makers on the Northern ranges. The pictures below are only a small sample of the many styles available, and can be made for any type of pistol.

Money cartridge belts are made of chap leather folded over and sewn to form a hollow body for silver dollars. Comfortable and authentic, they fasten with a skirting leather belt and buckle billet matching the holster. Skirting Leather gunbelts are one layer of heavier leather (or can be lined) and have the billet and belt closure unless ordered otherwise.

Most of my gunleather carries natural finishes, as shown in most of the photos, but if you prefer a glossier type of finish, let me know.

When ordering, include either actual waist size or waist size measured over a  dress belt, type of guns, barrel lengths, caliber, and right or left handed, lined or unlined, strong or cross-draw. Average waiting period as of 2014 is approximately 4 months.


  Dodge City Holster

Replica of Rice Holster, except with toe plug, $105.  Made with sewn round toe like original, $95 

(shown with Bearcat)
Floral Carved Slim Jim Holsters

Period floral design on Slim Jim holsters for Remington 1858 (8" barrel) and 1851 Navy (5 1/2" barrel)  cap'n'ball revolvers. Holsters $255 each, 2" period embossed edge belt, $105.

Glenn's Rig

Right and Left Strong Side Holsters on a

Money Cartridge Belt

Open Toes, 4 3/4" bbl., Billet Belt and Holsters

Carved with Battle Butte Poppies, Antiqued Background, $650

Detailed Photos


 Northern Plains Holster

With period poppy design, $245

Matching money cartridge belt, $165




Slim Jim Holster with flap, embossed edges, finial closure.$165


Left-handed Loop Holster for Conversion Revolver and Matching Money Belt

Border Embossed strong left-handed holster, oil finish, $135. Matching belt, $125.


Singleshot Rifle Scabbard

Fits LoWalls (pictured), HighWalls, Rolling Blocks, Sharps, Etc. Specify Type and Barrel length. Straps Long enough to fit around saddle fork and rear rigging, $190

Lever Gun Scabbards to fit saddle guns: Marlin, Winchesters, Stevens, Etc. (not pictured, but similar to picture) $170

Scoped Rifle Scabbards, $245





Henry's Gear 

Sullivan brown basket stamped with spots

Bags, $465

Scabbard, $395


Top to Bottom:

Border-Stamped Scabbard, (shown with Winchester 1895), $250
Buffalo Cartridge Belt Sheath for Belt, 5 rounds, embossed edge, $30
Hunterís Rifle/Pistol Combination Cartridge Belt, $125
Buffalo Cartridge Belt, $125



Sale:  Parson Quick Draw, unlined, 4 3/4" or  5 1/2" barrel, $45

 Sale:Floral Carved Holster for Large-frame Semi-Auto, 4" barrel, $105










Replica Gunbelt from the Northern Plains, Antiqued with Dyed Background 

Holsters and Gunbelt for Revolvers, $785

Matching Spur Straps, $145

(larger view and photos of  7 1/2" holsters)



Bulldog Holster, Kid-lined with Toe Cup,

Embossed Borders (Also available for pocket pistols)



Cheyenne Style Double Loop Holster

Shooting Star Saddlery Pattern

Floral-carved based on an old Visalia Pattern, 4 3/4"-5 1/2" bbl. Holster $230;  Matching Cartridge Belt in your size and caliber,  $175.







Black Lightning Holsters

 3"bbl., Double Row Embossed, $95 each

Other Colors As Well

Border-tooled 2" Belt, $105

Left-hand Lightning Holster on Sale



Pony Bob's Rig

Lightning Holster Carved with old time Poppy design, toe plug, and matching money cartridge belt, $380



Bozeman Trail Gunbelt Set

Floral carved holster for 7 1/2" barreled revolver, Shooting Star Pattern, Antiqued, $245

Matching Money Cartridge Belt, with old style buckle, $175

Matching Knife Sheath, $75

Rock Star Holster

Floral Carved with Stars, gold colored tooling matches gold-plated trigger and hammer, Kid skin lined with belt clip, $240

See Photos with Matching Belt