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Pendleton Chap Class                    

730 Battle Butte Road, Niarada, MT, 59845    406-250-7601 


We live in a remote location, without a phone line, therefore we do not have E-mail at home.  We try to answer E-mail when we get to town, about once a week.  The fastest way to contact us is by the phone number above.

Postage not listed for any item will be charged the actual amount. 
Payment is normally 20% down on saddles, 50% down on most other items, with the balance paid before shipping. Personal checks are accepted.  Backlog on saddles is approximately 12 months and approximately 5 months on gunleather, 5 months on chaps, and most small items. Average shipping costs are as follows: chaps, $30;  gunbelts, $25; saddles, $80-$100. 

If you have questions regarding how some measurements are taken, please do not hesitate to ask.

Saddle Order Checklist (PDF)

Please note if you use especially thick pads.

Chap Order Form (PDF)

Be sure to measure with your boots on, fully to the floor

Saddle Pricing 

Base price  includes flat palte rigging, cinch, flank strap and billets, breast collar dees, choice of horn wrap (latigo, mulehide, or rubber), and your choice of  brass, monel, leather, or rawhide covered stirrups,  $3900
Add $100 for Nettles stirrups. Add $150 for Walnut and other hardwood stirrups.

Stainless Dees and Hardware  add $15 

 Rawhide Trim:

Horn Rim $40  

Cantle Binding $90

Cheyenne Roll 1-2" $75, 2 1/4"-3", $150

Gullet Roll $30

Staple or Tally-book Pocket $40 
Loop Seat (leathers through seat) $90 

        Cavalry or Bulldogs $275-375 depending on tooling
        Eagle Beaks, based on an old Visalia pattern, $400-900, depending on tooling and length

Cheyenne Roll $55 
Hobble carrier, Britching Dee, other Dees or Carriers, each $7.50 
Sewn Gullet Roll $40 
Braiding, by inch $10 
8-Button Seat (no charge with Sam Stagg riggings) $50 
Dees below conchos, each $3

Border Stamping $400-$500
Basket or Geometric Stamping: half coverage, $600; 3/4 coverage, $850; full coverage, $1200 
Floral Carving:  depends on pattern and amount of coverage, usually about $1,900, partial coverage, to $6,000 for full coverage, price depends upon complexity of floral pattern;  please call for quote and sketch. Coloration is usually natural oil, but other options include, dark brown oil , mahogany oil, and many other antique finishes.
Shipping for saddles is actual amount to be paid by customer.  Prices may change without notice.