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Pendleton Chap Class                    

Chaps not only provide protection from the weather and brush, they give the rider a superior grip on the saddle. Shotgun, 5-snap, and zippered chaps provide the most coverage and warmth. The 5-snap chaps and Colorado Work chaps are sufficiently ventilated to be comfortable in summer, too.  Cool in the summer, and easiest to walk in, our Chinks are made "Northwest Style,"  providing full coverage to the inside of the knee and are long enough to kneel on. This type of chink uses almost as much leather a pair of chaps. Chinks with less coverage are available upon request.

All my chaps and chinks are made of oil-tanned, work weight leather unless requested otherwise. The shotgun leathers are usually a little lighter and softer than leathers in the batwings and snap style of chaps. American Bison, Water Buffalo, and Horsehide are also available.

More colors of leather are available besides what are pictured on these pages. To see more colors, go to the leather colors page.

Measure your inseam fully and leg measurements snugly when using the chap chart at the Order page.

Exotic hair-on chap materials include Angora (white, black, and some bright colors sometimes available), Tibetan Lamb (finer and longer than Angora, black or white), Bear, Buffalo, and brindle, spotted or black Cowhide. 

Barb's Chinks

Nice feminine cut with tiny flowers, kangaroo buckstitching, and scalloped sterling conchos. $670


Detailed Photos

  Old Style Chaps 

5-snaps (zippers or step-in optional) 
as shown, with pockets, $550 (patch pockets are available with thong close 
as shown, snaps, or rolled leather buttons) Belt in rear, laced front 
No Pockets, $500
Slash Pockets $560
Also available with flare leg, fringe, tooled tops, silver, etc. 

My personal favorite, with either patch or slash pockets, they have the right amount of ventilation year-round.---J.M.

Photo shows chaps that are several months old.

Chinks with Sterling Conchos $720

Plain $425 
Basket or Geometric Stamped $480 
Floral Carved  $680 
Twisted Fringe add $60 
Two Tone add $70 

Buckle back belt; your choice of string tie front lace, for safety, or front belt (shown), may substitute laced back belt at no additional charge.

Great in the summer, or when dismounting and walking a lot during hunting season or when packing.

Rosie and Mary

Colorado Work Chaps  $480

Slim Batwing Styling

Rodeo style laced rear belt and front belt standard, other belt styles by request

Our most popular chap, good ventilation and mobility

Brands or initials, add $10 per letter, per side, complex brands, add $10 per side

Photo shows chaps that are a month old.



Award-winning chinks made from glove-tanned plum leather, with gray Bullfrog inserted behind the diamond cut-outs, matching the gray mulehide fringe.  (Although it doesn't really show in any of the photos, Bullfrog is a finely grained leather with tiny bumps that are a slightly darker shade of gray on the tops of the bumps.)      Floral carving on Drum-brown leather really adds to the roping yokes and belt on this pair of chinks.  Other features include tooled belt loop, fancy Stainless Floral buckle in back, and Sterling Silver Conchos securing the break-away string in front. $1200








Detailed Photos

Square Bottom Chinks

Double Pockets, Geometric Stamped Tops, Kangaroo Buckstitch, Long Fringe, $500

Tops Detail


Lazy E 5 Chaps

Five snap chap with pockets, accented with scalloped leather edges, double row embossed edges on the yokes and belt, pockets close with rolled leather button,  $560



click for more photos of this pair of chaps 



 Valles Caldera Chaps

Zippered Shotgun Chaps made for Ron B.

Antiqued Basket Stamped Yokes and Cuffs,    Fringe, String Front for Safety,  $600

Ron writes: "Just received the chaps, and they are truly a beautiful piece of work!....The tooling is absolutely stunning and the craftmanship unsurpassed....Thank you for your wonderful talents and for the handsome chaps I will wear everyday."

Bigfork Chinks for Ladies

Lightweight waxed cowhide with Primrose Floral carving, graduated length fringe (4" at top, 8" at bottom), Sterling Silver conchos,  $850



Diane's Version,Detailed Photos


Mary's Version

Chap Options: 

Leather is available in many more colors besides what is shown on these pages.

Fringe $60

Patch Pockets $25 each

Slash Pockets $35 each

Basket or Geometric Stamped Top Yokes $120; Back belt to match, $50; side yokes (down legs) tooled to match, $70

Floral Carved Top Yokes $160; back belt to match, $80; side yokes to match, $80

Cuffs, add $70

Laced-up legs on shotguns $45

Brass, Stainless, and Sterling Silver Conchos available in various price ranges depending on style and size, ranging from $2 each for simple brass conchos, $6 each for fancier brass conchos, and $8 to $20 each for engraved brass conchos, to $25 and up,  each, for engraved sterling silver conchos ; please call for quotes.

Spots available in Brass, Nickel, and Sterling; call for quotes. Generally about 20 to 30 cents apiece for brass or nickel spots.  Nickel-silver spots are now available, too.