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Belts and Bags II

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Susan's Belt

Floral Carved Ranger Belt with Cast Buckle Set, $200


On Many of the Belts,  Buckles can be Changed to Suit Your Tastes and Colors, Please Inquire

Bison Belts: Boxer Finish,  1 1/4", Brown with Floral buckle, $45; Chestnut with Horseshoe Buckle, $45: Black with simple buckle, $35

1" Black Bison Belt with Vintage Desert Scene Buckle. $45

Crocodile Print Belt, 1 1/4" with Stainless Wave Buckle, $45;   1 1/4" Russet Belt with Antiqued Brass Buckle, $35;   1 1/2" Spotted Natural Bison Belt with Wave Harness Buckle, $60;  Natural 1 1/2" with Celtic buckle and wave pattern Green crystal bling rivets, $65


Bison Belts, Volcano Finish, waxy feel with crinkle that lightens up at bends and  burnishes to a rich glow

at wear points;

 Top: Natural 1 1/2" with Celtic buckle and wave pattern Green crystal bling rivets, $65:  Middle, Black 1/4" with Cast Ranger Buckle set (tip not shown), $65:      Bottom: Brown 1" with cloisonne engraved silver buckle, $45

Bison Boxer Finish Belts

1 1/2" Black JW Buckle, $45;   Chestnut 1 1/8" with Brass Cart Buckle, $30;  1" Chestnut with JW buckle, $45;  1 1/4" Brown with JW Buckle, $45;  1 1/4" Chestnut with Round Harness Buckle, $35



Chestnut Bison 1 1/2" with Brass Celtic Buckle, $45;  Brown Bison 1 1/2" double tongue antique nickel buckle, $40;  1 3/8" Brown Bison with Brass Center Bar Buckle, $35;  Chestnut 1 1/4"  Bison with antiqued copper buckle, $35


Bison Boxer Finish Belts: Chestnut 1 1/2" Brass Wave Harness Buckle, $35;  Black 1 1/2" Stainless Roller Buckle, $35;  1/4" Black with Stainless Floral Cart Buckle, $35


Bison Belts

Brown Volcano finish Ranger Belt with Cast Buckle Set, $65

Chestnut Boxer Bison Belt 1" Stainless Floral Cart Buckle $35

Vintage Chrome Horseshoe Buckle on Chestnut Boxer Bison 1 1/8" $50

Chestnut 1 1/2" Boxer Bison with Antiqued Brass Celtic Buckle, $45

Chestnut 1" Boxer Bison Ranger with Silver Buckle Set (tip not shown), $65

Cloisonne Flag Buckle on Black Boxer Bison, $65

Shorty's Country Saloon Buckle on Brown Volcano Bison 1 1/2" $65

 Stainless Western Rectangle Buckle on Chestnut Boxer Bison 1 1/8" $45

Stainless Floral Western Rectangle Buckle on Brown Bison 1" $45

Crucifix Trophy Buckle on Chestnut Bison 1 1/2" $60

Blue Cloisonne Buckle on Brown Volcano Bison 1" $45

Antique Brass Double Tongue Buckle on Geometric Stamped Belt 1 1/2" $80

Smooth Stainless Buckle on Brown Bison, $45


Floral Carved Tapered Belt, Background Dyed, with Silver King Buckle Set, $375

1 1/2" Natural Bison Volcano Belt with Antiqued Brass Double Tongue Buckle, $45

Crucifix Trophy Buckle on  1 1/2" Black Boxer Bison Belt, $60

Brass Bighorns Buckle on 1 1/2" Brown Volacano Bison, $65