Shooting and Branding


Bring the appliances you love to hate, add powder and lead; enjoy. Semi-annual appliance shoot.





Cool weather for 2008 shoot











Jana with Taurus .357 with gold appointments


Glenn with Marlin in .38-40, Elders go first around the Res

Ladies Next


.41 magnum and .45 Colt




10 gauge with 3 1/2" slugs


Take your pick




Ken, Eva, And Ralph    





Warming up in the Horseshoe Lounge




Marinda with .41 Blackhawk





Todd Sanders' Bucking String

{Mouse's Family}


More Bucking String


Lazy D Five Branding



Evan at Lazy D 5, 2007



Star at Lazy D 5, 2007


Paul and Robin with a big one. Malcolm branding.



Jeff, Bodge, Don


 Jack Black supervises


Don Sam




Drew and Grace

Shop Apprentice Darreck McDonald at his family's branding


Floyd's Branding 2006


Jeff, Joanne tagging ears, official jokester Fred, Alyssa, and Floyd, the boss

Jeff de-horning, Nurse Alyssa on shots, Kip lightens the bull calves a bit, Fred watches and offers "advice"


Neighbor Johnny at his branding. Chinks from SSS.

Holly's Chaps, Distressed Mahogany leather, Black tops, and Heart conchos


Bodge at Lazy D 5, 2007


Nuskgunee Holds One


Billy at Lazy D 5























Whip It Good