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 "If you are looking for a fine saddle that will 'stand the gaff,'  and will keep you and your horse comfortable for many years to come, I will be happy to build you a rig."-Jeff Morrow



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Shooting Star Saddlery is dedicated to making the finest custom-made saddles, chaps, tack, and gunleather. Located in Niarada, Montana, near the Flathead Indian Reservation, Jeff Morrow builds saddles that are put to work in big coulee cattle country, steep Montana elk trails, and the Mission Mountains and Bob Marshall Wilderness Areas. Ranch work and rocky trails soon reveal which designs are comfortable to rider and horse. 

We named our shop after the wildflowers that bloom in our area when winter seems really over, and the green grass is coming on strong. When you see shooting stars, summer is really just around the corner. One of our most popular floral patterns features this flower.

Saddlemaker Jeff Morrow enjoys working with customers to create a wide range of saddles,  Wade saddles, slick forks, ranch saddles, "mountain" saddles (swell fork saddles with a good cantle), historical reproductions, lightweight  saddles, and trail saddles. He has been making saddles with the now popular Will James Tree for over 20 years. 

Only the finest materials are used, cut and finished completely by hand. All  the saddle leather used is tanned in the United States from native hides. Every edge is rounded, slicked, and finished in a process involving at least 12 to 20 steps. A good edge is rounded with a high polish. Each saddle is oiled underneath with fine, pure neatsfoot oil, tallows, and waxes to ensure long service without a lot of squeaking. The topside of the saddle is finished according to the customer's wishes concerning oiling, darkening, or antiquing.  Unique floral patterns based on wildflowers are a specialty, as well as old period designs, and popular floral designs such as the Sheridan style of carving.
Customers choose the style of fork, horn, cantle, and seat needed for their riding, as well as the type of rigging, skirts, and overall appearance. Jeff will be happy to help with any questions about dimensions or styles, just give him a call.  We also pay a great deal of attention to fitting the horses or mules as well. Free-swinging stirrup leathers of proper width, length, and twist are built into our saddles. Jeff builds his swell fork saddles with an offset welt so that the welt will not be worn down, over time, as quickly as the more common  vertical welt. The offset welt is much more difficult to put in, but it is the best for longevity.                          

The heart of the saddle, the tree, is made of rawhide-covered  laminated hardwoods.. This combination withstands temperature extremes, roping, and some really hard pounding with broncy stock. The saddletrees we use are custom made, cost more than twice as much as a common tree, and are worth every penny. Don't settle for less. We sometimes repair lesser saddle trees (if possible), and, frankly, many are unsafe for their intended use even when new. 

Please inform Jeff if you have any special anatomical concerns such as sore knees, hips, etc.
Located in an area where rigs from some of the great old saddleries are still in use, we take inspiration from repairing and researching these saddles. Some of the favorites include Pat and Jack Connolly and Connolly Brothers, Miles City, LaChambre, Starr, S.C. Gallup, Otto Ernst, Visalia, E.C. Burroughs, Frasier, Verbeck, Severe Brothers, and Hamley, just to name a few.

"I hope you enjoy viewing our website, and feel free to offer any suggestions to make it better; thanks," Jeff Morrow  P.S.: the site may be a little slow to load on some pages; especially the Belts and Bags page; I have chosen to give you lots of detail, but this makes the pages load a little more slowly. I know I should figure out how to make the pages a little tidier and faster, but I'd rather work on leather than the computer. Be sure to enjoy the Photos Page and the Links Page.

If you would like to learn more about caring for your leather goods, please refer to the information below the leather care products on the Gear II page.

"I usually have some antique chairs on hand waiting be refinished and covered in your choice of leather." -J.M.

e-mail : (Please note that we are slow to respond to email due to living in a remote location without a phone line. We usually answer  email once a week when we go for groceries.)
730 Battle Butte Rd., Niarada, MT, 59845.

Where the Heck is Niarada?  We're 50 miles South of Kalispell, 95 miles North of Missoula, 24 miles North of Hot Springs, 3 hours from Spokane, and 34 miles Northwest of Polson.

If you'd like to see more photos, in greater detail, call to inquire about emailed photos or photo discs of the gear you that interests you.

The fastest way to contact Jeff is to phone: (406) 250-7601; best times 7-8 AM, and after dark, Mountain Time.

Prices may change without notice.

Special Ladies' Cut Chinks

"I prefer to hand pick my leathers and have many sides of gorgeous chap leather and lots of  "punchy" pieces such as mottled gray and white angora for woolies, waxed nude blue cavallo for chinks, belts, or ?, and many colors of kangaroo and bullfrog. If you have a special project in mind, give us a call"

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